Act anent servants

Forasmuch as the estates of this kingdom presently convened, taking into their consideration the prejudice and hindrance that formerly occurred in the levies of the forces to the last expedition into England through the base carriage of some servants who, being enrolled in one parish, did forthwith upon some forged pretences remove from their masters to some other parish and thereby retard the levies, to the great prejudice of the service; for preventing whereof in time coming, the estates ordain all hired servants of all sorts to serve their masters for the present upon the same conditions as they have done formerly, and not to remove nor leave their masters' service without obtaining their consent in writing, under the pain of £50; and that no man whatsoever harbour them in any part of the kingdom without their masters' consent, under the pain of £100 beside such further punishment both to the servant and harbourer of him as the committee of the shire shall think fit; and ordain this act to be printed and published at all the parish kirks and market crosses of the kingdom, through which none pretend ignorance of the same.

  1. NAS. PA8/1, f.142r.