Alexander Bridie

Forasmuch as General Major Munro and the other officers and soldiers of the Scottish army in Ireland, being in necessity of great provision for the army, gave order to Alexander Muir, receiver of their victual, to agree a price and receive from Alexander Bridie, merchant in Aberdeen, the number of 417 barrels of meal upon 2 January last at 20s sterling, amounting to £417 sterling, as a precept under the hand of the said general major testifying the same and commanding the commissioners of the army to pay the same upon sight more fully purports. And the estates presently convened, having seen and considered the said precept and finding it just and reasonable that payment be made for the price of the said victual so seasonably furnished as said is, do therefore declare that the same is and shall remain as a debt and burden to be paid out of the first end of the arrears due by the kingdom of England to that army in Ireland, with the annualrent due for the same from the date of the order for payment, and that they will be careful to see the same paid out of the first of the arrears that shall come for that army. And in case the said Alexander shall not get payment that way, then and in that case the estates of this kingdom do declare that upon assignation to be made to them of the said sum and arrears due thereof, the same, with the annualrent during the non-payment thereof, is and shall be a public debt of this kingdom, and that the estates thereof and their committees shall be careful to see the same paid accordingly.

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