Precept to Robert Gordon

Forasmuch as Robert Gordon, merchant in Ayr, has, according to a contract passed between the estates of this kingdom and him on 4 August last, transported and delivered in Ireland for the use of the Scottish army there 941 bolls, two firlots and three pecks of meal, as the receipt thereof under the hand of Alexander Muir, ordinary receiver for the said army, bears. As also the said Robert Gordon and his partner have transported and delivered for the use of the said army 189 barrels of beans at the price of 18s sterling the barrel, as another note of receipt thereof under the hand of the said Alexander Muir bears. And the estates considering that by contract they are bound to pay to the said Robert 16 merks for each boll of the said meal at the term of Candlemas [2 February] next, together with £192 for a quarter's annualrent of the same from Martinmas [11 November] last to this Candlemas, and finding it just and reasonable that he should be timeously paid of the said prices of his meal and of the beans transported by him as said is, and the account of the whole being fitted by their warrant and extending in all to £12,309 12s Scots, therefore the estates presently convened give hereby warrant and command to the general collector of the loan and his deputes to pay and deliver to the said Robert Gordon and John Ferguson, his partner, the said sum of £12,309 12s Scots for the price of victual furnished by him as said is, and that out of the first and readiest of the loan money not already disposed of by public warrant, for the which this act, with the parties' note of receipt, shall be their sufficient warrant.

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