Procedure: commission to Job Ward
Commission to Job Ward to be colonel

Forasmuch as Job Ward, esquire, in the county of Wicklow in Ireland has been a humble suitor that he may have liberty upon his own expense to levy a regiment of foot to be employed in the public service of this kingdom, and the estates presently convened, considering that the said regiment being uplifted may be useful to this kingdom in the present expedition, did therefore appoint the said Job Ward to be colonel of the same, giving, granting and committing to him the said place and office with the privileges belonging thereto; with power to him and his officers to levy the said regiment (consisting of 10 companies and each company of 120 soldiers) wherever he may conveniently have the same, and for this effect to beat drums, display colours, appoint his under-officers and to do everything else towards the uplifting, leading, conducting and governing of the said regiment which are requisite and according to the articles of military discipline and direction of [Alexander Leslie, earl of Leven], lord general, his excellency; commanding magistrates to assist him in the execution hereof as they will be answerable.

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