Act in favour of [Sir John Shaw], laird of Greenock

Anent the supplication presented to the convention of the estates by John Shaw of Greenock, making mention whereas there is a loan of £800,000 and a taxation of £120,000 granted in this present convention to be uplifted out of the several shires and burghs within this kingdom, according to their several proportions thereof; and in respect his majesty's late dearest father of worthy memory, by his letters patent granted to the late John Shaw of Greenock, the supplicant's grandfather, his heirs and successors and their tenants, under the privy seal, of the date 16 November 1589, and ratified in parliament on 5 June 1592, exempting the said supplicant, his late father and their tenants of the lands of Greenock, Finnart and Spango from all payment of any impositions, taxations, stents or subsidies ordinary or extraordinary within this kingdom in all time thereof for whatsoever cause or occasion, and that for encouragement and recompense to the supplicant, his said late grandfather and his aforesaids for the building of the kirk of Greenock and erecting the same in one separate parish kirk and parish on his own proper charges and expenses, building of a manse to the minister and designing of a yard thereto of his own proper heritage, as the said letters patent ratified as said is more fully purports; and so in equity the supplicant ought to be declared free of this present loan and taxation, humbly therefore desiring the said lords to declare him to be free and exempt thereof, which being done, the supplicant is content out of the sense of his interest in the common cause, both for religion and suppressing of the rebellion in Ireland, to contribute his best assistance in advancing in lending as much (if not more) to such as are in present action for suppressing the said rebellion as his proportion of the said loan or taxation will amount to, and shall instruct the same to the collector general between now and the time of payment of the said loan; otherwise I shall plead no immunity; without prejudice always of his execution2 in time coming, likewise as at more length is contained in the said supplication. Which being read, heard and considered by the said estates, and they being thereupon and with the instructions of the said petition and the supplicant's voluntary offer well advised, the said estates exempt him now as of before from paying any part of the said loan and taxation above-written and recommend him to the general collector for that effect.

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