Declaration: from the English commissioners

The which day [John Lindsay], earl of Lindsay presented and exhibited to the estates a demand from the commissioners of both houses of the parliament of England, whereof the tenor follows:

A desire of the English commissioners and the answer of the estates

We, the commissioners from the two houses of the parliament of England, having on 12 August delivered in to the honourable convention of estates a paper expressing the desires of the parliament of England for assistance from their brethren of Scotland for their security of religion and liberty against the popish and prelatical party with their adherents now in arms in the kingdom of England, and understanding the pressing necessities of that kingdom, desire that we may receive an answer therein from this honourable convention with all possible and convenient speed.

The estates declare that before they take into their consideration the paper given in to them this day from the English commissioners, they desire to know the particular demands that are to be given in thereupon, and recommend to the committee to call for them.

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