Procedure: protection to the marquis of Huntly
Protection to [George Gordon], marquis of Huntly

Forasmuch as George, marquis of Huntly, being charged by warrant of the estates to have compeared personally before them this present day, provided to have found sufficient caution for keeping the peace of the kingdom, and to have heard and seen such course taken relating thereto as the estates should think fit, under the pain of rebellion and of putting him to the horn; with certification to him if he failed, letters should be directed simply to put him thereto. And the said marquis of Huntly being often called and not compearing personally according to the charge, the estates therefore have ordained letters to be directed to denounce him rebel and put him to the horn, and continue the outgiving thereof until 25 August, that if he compear between now and that day, he may be yet heard thereupon. And for shunning all pretexts of excuses for his non-appearance, the estates do hereby give to him their warrant and protection to be untroubled in his person for the space of 10 days before the said 25 August instant and for the space of 10 days after the same, discharging in the meantime all his majesty's judges, officers and ministers of his laws to burgh and land of all taking, apprehending, warding or arresting of the said marquis of Huntly by virtue of any hornings, captions or other warrant whatsoever, discharging them thereof and of their offices in that part during the space aforesaid.

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