Letter: to the officers of the Scottish army in Ireland
Letter to the officers of the Scottish army in Ireland

Loving friends,

We have received your letter from the hands of Captain Gordon, Lieutenant Colonel Scott and Captain Moncrieff, who have with all instance and earnestness represented to us the hard condition and desires of that army. And being truly aware of the wants and great sufferings thereof, and willing to omit no means that may contribute to the good of that service and maintenance of the army, have therefore resolved that some considerable sum be advanced by this kingdom towards your present supply, and are thinking of the readiest way for raising thereof. And in respect that the commissioners who were promised to be sent here by the parliament of England for that purpose are not yet come, we have sent an express for a positive answer from them anent the satisfaction of what is bygone owing to the army, and how a solid course may be taken for the maintenance and payment thereof in time coming. And as the council by their letter to [Alexander Leslie, earl of Leven], lord general, and act of council of 18 August last, so also we do hereby declare that if the distractions of England be such as make the parliament remiss or fail in the performance of the articles of the treaty, that, according to our power, we shall labour to see the army furnished with victual and other necessaries, according to the treaty; and have thought fit that this be made known to you from your loving friend.

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