Letter: to the English parliament
Letter to the parliament anent [Randall MacDonnell], earl of Antrim

Right honourable,

The amity between the two nations, and the care we have to do everything which may confirm the same, as it did move the council to represent to both houses the late taking of the earl of Antrim, and the estates since to send up the depositions of the said earl and his servants, with the letter from his associates in that conspiracy, so also the said estates have now resolved upon the same ground, that, according to the desire from both houses expressed in your letter of 17 June last, order shall be given to [Alexander Leslie, earl of Leven], lord general, to deliver the person of the said earl to such as from the parliament shall have warrant to receive and convoy him to London to await his trial there; and have desired me in their name to notify your lords to be represented to both houses, whose happiness is the earnest desire of your lords' assured friend and servant. Signed thus,

[John Campbell, earl of] Loudoun. In presence of the convention.

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