Procedure: summons
Citation against [George Gordon, marquis of] Huntly, [James Ogilvy, lord] Ogilvy etc.

The convention of estates presently convened, for certain good considerations tending to the well-being and peace of the kingdom, have thought fit and concluded and accordingly ordain messengers of arms to pass and, in his majesty's name and authority, command and charge George, marquis of Huntly, James, lord Ogilvy, John [Maxwell], lord Herries [of Terregles] and George [Ogilvy], lord Banff, personally, if they can be apprehended, and failing thereof at their dwelling places and by open proclamation at the market cross of the head burgh of the shire where they dwell, to compear personally before the said estates at Edinburgh or where it shall happen them to be for the time on 4 August next to come, provided to find good and sufficient caution for keeping of the peace and behaving themselves in a peaceable and quiet way, according to the laws of the kingdom; and to hear and see further order taken for the good and peace of the kingdom as the estates shall think fit under the pain of rebellion and of putting them to the horn; with certification to them if they fail and compear not, letters will be directed simply to put them to the horn. And it is hereby declared that for preventing all the occasions of excuse for the non-appearance of any of the said persons by reason of civil hornings, that they shall be protected by the estates for the space of five days before their compearance and for the space of 10 days thereafter, discharging etc.

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