Procedure: ordering of the house
Orders for keeping the meeting of the convention

Orders of the convention house

It is thought fit for the better ordering of the meetings of the convention, the convention shall meet always at 2 o'clock in the afternoon; and that the several estates meet each day at 9 o'clock in the morning; and the particular committees to meet at 10 o'clock; and that those who are upon these committees meet with their several estates at 9 o'clock, and, once being met, then to remove to the committee, the rest of the several estates sitting still.

It is thought fit that the rolls of the convention be called at the down-sitting of each meeting, and who is not present and answers to the calling of his name, if he shall come in thereafter at the same diet, to pay the penalty following, namely: each noblemen 18s, each baron 12s and each burgess 6s, which is the penalty appointed for those that are late. And if any shall happen to be absent from a whole session of the convention, to pay £10 each nobleman, 10 merks each baron and a dollar each commissioner of burgh, and that no licence nor excuse for absence be allowed but by [John Campbell, earl of Loudoun], lord chancellor, with consent of the house. And ordain the macers as they shall receive a roll from the clerk of the absents, or those that are late, that they suffer them not to enter the house until first they pay their penalties, to be put into a box to be kept by the clerk. And declare that if any refuse to pay and therefore shall not be suffered to enter by the macer, that each diet's absence that way shall be equivalent and subject to the same penalty as ordinary absents.

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