[Supplication of John Edmonston and James Sinclair against a protection to be granted to some commissioners of parliament]

The supplication of John Edmonston, minister in Shetland2

My lords and others of this high court of parliament, to your lords humbly means and shows we, your servants, James Sinclair of Scalloway and John Edmonston, minister at Yell, for ourselves and in name and on behalf of the country of Shetland, that where the said country of Shetland, being heavily oppressed by Master Gilbert Mowat of Garth, Master James Mowat [of Ollaberry], his son, Ninian Niven of Windhouse and diverse others, their accomplices, the common oppressors, we presented ourselves to the committee of the estates of parliament in the month of April last and obtained a complaint and acted ourselves for pursuing thereof, which we have caused truly executed to this day. And as we are informed our adversaries, through their bygone miscarriage finding themselves illegal, are seeking a protection against our hornings and caption upon a pretext that they are commissioners to the parliament, but can show no lawful commission; and seeing we are ready with our witnesses and all other probation, therefore we most humbly beseech your lords to have consideration hereof and be pleased to cause call the said action and delegate a committee of every estate for hearing of our said grievances and examination of our said witnesses thereupon, or take such course relating thereto as your lords shall think most fitting. And in case your lords incline to grant the forenamed persons a protection as pretending themselves to be commissioners, we also humbly desire to be heard to say both against the commission and granting of the petition. And your lords' answer.

  1. NAS, PA6/5, 'November 16 1641'.
  2. This clause is written on the rear of the document. In addition, there is a second title given as follows: 'Supplication of James Sinclair and Edmonstone against Mowat and others, 16 November 1641. The [illegible] supplication given up to James Sinclair.'