[Commission for transportation of John and Thomas Black to Edinburgh for trial]

Regarding the petition of John and Thomas Black given in by them to the king and the parliament against Marion Maxwell, widow of the late John Maxwell of Middlebie

His majesty, with advice of the estates of parliament, ordains John and Thomas Black, delinquents named within, to be tried and judged at Edinburgh by the justice or his deputes, and appoints the parties to pursue and put them to trial there between now and 30 November next. And therefore ordains the said John and Thomas Black to be transported from the pledge chamber of Dumfries, where they are presently incarcerated, to the tolbooth of Edinburgh between now and the day above-written, and appoints their transporting to be as follows, namely: ordains the provost and bailies of the town of Dumfries and sheriff thereof to deliver the two prisoners above-named to the sheriff of the next adjacent shire, and thereafter from sheriff to sheriff until they be brought to the tolbooth of Edinburgh. And ordains the parties' pursuer to assist the transporting of the said two prisoners. And in the meantime ordains them to be liberated of the irons and only to be kept in close ward. And the pursuer to pay daily to each one of the two prisoners 3s 4d for their maintenance during their remaining in ward, beginning the first day's payment on Monday next, 4 October next.

28 September 1641

Read and passed in parliament and ordains the clerk to extract an act hereupon.

[John Elphinstone, lord] Balmerino, in presence of the lords of parliament

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