[Supplication of Mr Robert Barclay, provost of Irvine, for exoneration of his carriage in the treaty negotiations]

To the king's most excellent majesty and the honourable house of parliament,

I, Master Robert Barclay, provost of Irvine, humbly show that where I was directed by those who were entrusted by the parliament in November 1639 as one of the commissioners from them in company with [Charles Seton], earl of Dunfermline, [John Campbell], lord Loudoun and [Sir William Douglas of Cavers], sheriff of Teviotdale, for clearing the imputations laid upon the said parliament and to give satisfaction to his majesty regarding their proceedings at that time, in the which negotiation I studied to behave myself as become one who was entrusted with such an honourable charge. And albeit the Earl of Dunfermline, the sheriff of Teviotdale and I at our return to Scotland did render an account of our proceedings, yet in respect of the troubles of the time those entrusted in the affairs of the kingdom had not time to examine particularly my particular carriage and either to have approved or censured me accordingly as I should have been found to demerit, this makes me now, in all humility, to entreat your majesty and this honourable house to take trial of my carriage in the said employment and either to censure me if I shall be found to have omitted anything entrusted to me in charge or to have committed anything to the prejudice of your majesty and the kingdom; or otherwise to approve my proceedings if they shall be so found to deserve. And I shall ever as I am bound pray etc.2

  1. NAS, PA6/4, 'September 23 1641'.
  2. Followed by a series of clauses, dated 23 and 24 September, signed by John Elphinstone, lord Balmerino, reporting different readings of this supplication before parliament.