[The king's propositions regarding the articles of the treaty of London referred to the parliament]

At Holyroodhouse, 30 August 1641

His majesty gave the answers and propositions following to the noblemen, barons and burgesses appointed by the parliament to speak with his majesty relating thereto:

For the second concerning the judging of the processes, his majesty remits it to the articles of the treaty.

For the copper coin, refers it to the several estates to make their overtures and propositions made relating thereto.

As for the commission for conserving the peace, his majesty will give command to [Sir Thomas Hope of Craighall], his advocate, to draw a draft thereof according to the articles of the treaty, that it may be seen and revised by his majesty and the several estates.

The same course is to be taken for the rest of the several commissions mentioned in the treaty.

His majesty will take to his consideration the articles given by his majesty which was done in this present session of parliament and give an answer thereto with all conveniency.

As concerning the castles and forts in Scotland, his majesty will take take them to consideration.

As concerning the choosing the officers of state, council and session, his majesty will think upon propositions concerning the same. As also requires that the several estates will think upon the best ways for accommodation thereof.

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