[Oath of parliament]

Forasmuch as the honour, greatness and happiness of the king's royal majesty and the welfare of the subjects depends on the purity of religion as it is now established in this kingdom, the laws, liberties and peace thereof which ought to be sought after by all good Christians, loyal subjects and true patriots, and to be furthered and maintained by them against all such as by any means endeavour to shake or subvert the same, therefore, we under-subscribers and every one of us do in the presence of almighty God promise and vow that in this present parliament we shall faithfully and freely speak, answer and express ourselves upon all and every thing which is or shall be proposed so far as we think in our conscience may conduce to the glory of God, the good and peace of the church and state of this kingdom and employ our best endeavours to promote the same and shall in no way advise, voice nor consent to anything which to our best knowledge we think not most expedient and conducible thereto; as also that we shall maintain and defend with our lives, power and estate his majesty's royal person, honour and estate, as is express in our National Covenant, and likewise the power and privileges of parliaments and the lawful rights and liberties of the subjects; and by all good means and ways oppose and endeavour to bring to exact trial all such as either by force, practise, counsel, plots, conspiracies or otherwise has done or shall do anything in prejudice of the purity of religion, the laws, liberties and peace of the kingdom. And further, that we shall in all just and honourable ways endeavour to preserve union and peace between the three kingdoms of Scotland, England and Ireland. And neither for hope, fear nor other respect shall relinquish this vow and promise.

10 August 1641

Read in audience of parliament, who approve the same and appoint the same to be taken by all members of this parliament and in all parliaments hereafter, before they proceed to any act or determination.

  • 2J[ames Stewart, duke of] Lennox
    [James Hamilton, marquis of] Hamilton
    [Archibald Campbell, earl of] Argyll
    [William Keith, earl] Marischal
    J[ohn Gordon, earl of] Sutherland
    [James Erskine, earl of] Buchan
    [Alexander Montgomery, earl of] Eglinton
    [John Kennedy, earl of] Cassillis
    [John Lyon, earl of] Kinghorn
    [Thomas Erskine, earl of] Kellie
    [Thomas Hamilton, earl of] Haddington
    [Gilbert Hay, earl of] Erroll
    [George Gordon, marquis of] Huntly
    J[ohn Erskine, earl of] Mar
    [George MacKenzie, earl of] Seaforth
    [James Douglas, earl of] Queensberry
    [William Kerr, earl of] Lothian
    [James Murray, earl of] Annandale
    R[obert Maxwell, earl of] Nithsdale
    [Francis Scott, earl of] Buccleuch
    [David Carnegie, earl of] Southesk
    [John or David Wemyss, earl of] Wemyss
    [William Ramsay, earl of] Dalhousie
    [James Ogilvie, earl of] Findlater
    [John or Robert Gordon, viscount of] Kenmure
    [James Stewart, earl of] Moray
    [James Home, earl of] Home
    [Charles Seton, earl of] Dunfermline
    [William Douglas, earl of] Morton
    [Robert Arbuthnott, viscount of] Arbuthnott
    [John Leslie, earl of] Rothes
    [John Drummond, earl of] Perth
    [John Lindsay, earl of] Lindsay
    [Alexander Forbes, lord] Forbes
    [John Maitland, earl of] Lauderdale
    [Robert Ker, earl of] Roxburghe
    [John Hay, lord] Yester
    [John Sinclair, lord] Sinclair
    [Alexander Elphinstone, lord] Elphinstone
    [John Borthwick, lord] Borthwick
    [James Boyd, lord] Boyd
    [John Elphinstone, lord] Balmerino
    J[ames Elphinstone, lord] Coupar
    [James Johnstone, lord] Johnstone
    [John Elphinstone, lord] Balmerino
    [John Maitland, earl of] Lauderdale
    [William Ker, earl of] Roxburghe
    [James Livingstone, lord] Almond
    A[lan Cathcart, lord] Cathcart
    [Alexander Lindsay, lord] Balcarres
    [William Crichton, earl of] Dumfries
    W[illiam Crichton, earl of] Dumfries
    [Walter or Alexander Stewart, lord] Blantyre
    [Andrew Fraser, lord] Fraser
    [George Forrester, lord] Forrester
    [John Carnegie, lord] Loure
    [James Campbell, lord] Kintyre
    [William Hamilton, earl of] Lanark
    [John Stewart, earl of] Traquair
    [Alexander Erskine, earl of] Kellie
    [Robert Balfour, lord Balfour of] Burleigh, in the presence of the lords of parliament
    [William Cunningham, earl of] Glencairn
    J[ohn Cranstoun, lord] Cranston
    M[ungo Murray, viscount of] Stormont
    [Thomas or John MacLellan, lord] Kirkcudbright
    James [Graham, earl of] Montrose
    [John Sandilands, lord] Torphichen
    [George Hay, earl of] Kinnoull
    [John or David Wemyss, earl of] Wemyss
    [William Cranston, lord] Cranston
    [John or Robert Gordon, viscount of] Kenmure
    A[lexander Lindsay, lord] Spynie
    William Douglas, [marquis of Douglas]
    J[ohn Campbell, lord] Loudoun
    [William Graham, earl of] Airth
    [Alexander Livingstone, earl of] Linlithgow
    [John Hamilton, lord] Bargany
    [George Ogilvy, lord] Banff
    [George Lindsay, lord] Spynie
    [George Seton, earl of] Winton
    [John Hamilton, earl of] Haddington
    [Patrick Maule, earl of] Panmure
    [Patrick Murray, lord] Elibank
    [John Scrimgeour, viscount of] Dudhope
    [Thomas or John MacLellan, lord] Kirkcudbright
    [Robert or William Ross, lord] Ross
    [Sir Alexander Falconer of] Halkerton
    [John Hamilton, lord] Bellhaven
    [James Sandilands, lord] Abercrombie
    [William Cochrane, lord] Cochrane
    J[ohn] Hepburn of Waughton
    James Stewart for Edinburgh
    William Lauder
    J[ames] Mercer of Aldie
    [Sir] J[ohn] Wauchope [of Niddrie-Marischal]
    [Sir David Crichton of] Lugton
    W[illiam] Rigg [of Aithernie]
    [George] Dundas of that Ilk
    [Sir] J[ohn] Stirling of Garden
    Sir W[illiam Baillie of] Lamington
    [Sir Robert Grierson of] Lag
    D[uncan] Campbell of Carrick
    [Sir] Charles Erskine [of Alva, Bandeath and Cambuskenneth]
    [George] Buchanan of that Ilk
    Sir P[atrick] Murray [of Elibank]
    [Sir John Hamilton of] Preston3
    [Sir David] Home [of Wedderburn]4
    William Cockburn [of Langton]
    Sir Thomas Hope [of Kerse]
    Robert Innes of that Ilk
    [David] Beaton of Creich
    Sir A[lexander] Murray [of Blackbarony]
    Sir David Murray [of Stanhope]
    H[ector] Bannatyne [of Kames]
    [Sir Henry Montgomery of] Giffen
    [Hugh Campbell of] Cessnock
    [Sir] R[obert] Graham of Morphie
    Sir G[ilbert] Ramsay [of Balmain]
    Sir J[ohn] Moncreiffe [of that Ilk]
    [Sir] T[homas] R[uthven] of Freeland
    [Sir Alexander] Morrison of Prestongrange
    J[ohn] Forbes of Leslie
    [Sir] W[illiam] Forbes [of Craigievar]
    [Patrick Maxwell of] Newark
    A[lexander] Erskine of Dun
    [Sir] William Scott [of Harden]
    Sir John Chiesley [of Kersewell]
    Sir R[obert] C[ampbell of] Glenorchy
    Sir D[uncan] Campbell [of Auchinbreck]
    Sir J[ames] Fraser [of Brae]
    [Sir] James Dundas [of Arniston]
    [Sir Alexander] Abercrombie [of Birkenbog]
    Robert Pringle [of Stichill]
    [Sir Walter Stewart of] Minto
    Sir D[avid] Graham of Fintry
    Alexander Gordon of Earlston
    [Sir] T[homas] Myreton of Cambo
    S[imon] MacKenzie [of Lochslin]
    [Sir] Robert Adair [of Kinhilt]
    Sir Archibald Stirling of Garden
    Sir J[ohn Charteris of] Amisfield
    [Sir] W[illiam] Scott of Ardross
    Patrick Hepburn of Waughton
    [Si][r] James Sinclair [of Murkle]
    G[eorge] Winram [of Liberton]
    J[ames] Borthwick [of Stow]
    J[ames MacDowall of] Garthland
    Robert Meldrum of Burghlie
    [Sir] Alexander Sutherland of Duffus
    [Sir] John Home of Blackadder
    Sir James Foulis [of Colinton]
    [John] Hamilton of Boghall
    [...]9 of that Ilk
    [Sir Adam] Hepburn [of Humbie]
    [Sir] J[ohn] Wemyss of Bogie
    J[ohn] Murray of Touchadam [and Polmaise]
    [Sir] J[ames] Lockhart [of Lee]
    [John] MacLeod of Dunvegan
    W[illiam] Kerr of Newton
    Hugh Fraser of Kinneries
    Patrick Ross for Perth
    G. MacKenzie
    [Arthur] Forbes of Echt
    J[ohn] Kennedy
    J[ames] Cochrane
    Richard Maxwell
    Robert Arnott
    James Fletcher
    Patrick Leslie
    Thomas Bruce [of Weltoun]
    James Glen
    John Lepar
    Patrick Bell
    John Osborne
    [William] Simpson
    John Williamson
    James Scott [of Logie]
    John Irvine
    James Rose [of Merkinsche]
    George Gardyne
    Mark Kinglassie
    Mr R[obert] Cunningham
    Mr Robert Barclay
    W[illiam] Glendinning [of Gelstoun]
    James Skene of that Ilk
    Patrick Hannay
    J[ames] Airth
    J[ohn] Semple [of Stainflett]
    Gideon Jack
    Robert Hardie
    James Williamson [of Aikerfield]
    Thomas MacCulloch
    Mr A[lexander] Douglas [of Downies]
    Master Bamff10
    John Jamieson
    David Ramsay
    Mr J[ohn] Dunbar
    John Tulloch
    G[eorge] Hempseed
    Alexander Wilkieson
    Robert Gordon [of Knockbrex]
    William Hunter
    J[ohn] Lyon [of Troup]
    J[ames] Reid
    Andrew Martin
    George Purves
    Henry Cunningham
    Mr George Gray for Haddington
    J[ohn] Rutherford for Jedburgh
    Walter Murray
    Sir Walter Riddell [of that Ilk]
    D[avid] Spence
    Alexander Cunningham for Crail
    Alexander Selkirk13
    William Scott
    D[avid] Anderson for Cupar
    Archibald Mercer, Culross
    J[ohn] Spreull, Renfrew
    George Home for North Berwick
    David MacBrair [of Almagill and Newark]
    Robert Glencorse14
    Robert Crichton
    William Maxwell15
    George Johnston
    John Milne
    T[homas] Scott
    John Dick
    T[homas] Durham for Perth
    Hugh Kennedy
    William Watson
    Andrew Walker for Anstruther16
    James Haswell
    James Sword for St Andrews
    [...] of [...]17
    Matthew Spence for Rothesay
    Thomas MacBirnie
    Sir W[alter] Scott [of Whitslade]
    J[ohn] Jaffray
    Norman Fairfoul
    Andrew Thomson18
    A[lexander] Beaton
    J[ohn] Hamilton of Udston
    [Robert] Alexander
    George Jamieson
    David Ferry for Anstruther Wester
    George Adamson for Dunbar
    H[ugh] Rose of Kilravock
    John Short[Sir] W[illiam Cunningham of] Cunninghamhead
    John Dickson of Busby
    John Kennedy
    James Peddie
    Ninian Dunbar of Grangehill
    Robert Bell
    [William] Crichton
    John Rose [of Braidley]
    [Sir Alexander] Wedderburn [of Blackness]
    David Alexander
    John Auchterlony
    John Scott
    George Lauder
    J[ohn] Forbes [of Culloden]
    Gabriel Cunningham
    J[ohn] Spreull
    Edward Edgar
    David Fern19
    James Gibson
    [Sir] Daniel Carmichael [of Hyndford]
    J[ames] Lentron
    George Lawtie
    [Sir] Ludovic Gordon [of Gordonstoun]
    J[ames] Campbell
    Robert White [of Pourain]
    Alexander Bennet
    James MacCulloch
    Gilbert Moir
    William Lowis
    [James] Purves
    [Andrew] Pinkerton
    J. Brodie of Blair20
    David Douglas
    [Thomas] Manson
    Archibald Sydserf
    Mr W[illiam] Dunbar
    Alexander Jaffray for Aberdeen
    David Simpson
    Sir George Maxwell of Nether Pollok
    [Sir] James Hope [of Hopetoun]
    Mr John Hay
    [Sir] J[ames MacGill of] Cranstoun-[Riddel]
    [Sir James] Halkett [of Pitfirrane]
    James MacCulloch for Whithorn
    Lewis Menteith
    John Sleigh
    J[ames] Campbell for Linlithgow
    J[ohn] Cockburn
    John Dickson
    J. Barnton
    J. Brown21
    22J. Hay
    William Scott
    Gideon Scott [of Highchester]
    A[lexander] Bower
    William Luke
    David Mitchell
    Samuel Wilson
    Alexander Winton
    Robert Richardson
    [Colonel William Stewart of] Castle-Stewart
  1. NAS, Papers of the Bruce family of Airth, GD37/319. This is the oath referred to in 1641/8/4, which contains signatories from this and subsequent parliamentary sessions. The project team would like to thank Professor David Stevenson for bringing this document to their attention.
  2. Roughly left to right, signed by the following members. Note, although the oath is dated August 1641, it was subscribed by members of parliament until at least March 1651 (see M1651/3/1). Names below have been expanded where possible. In cases of duplicate signatures, the personal names of both possible signatories are given.
  3. ? Most likely candidate.
  4. ? Most likely candidate.
  5. Beginning of word illegible.
  6. ? Perhaps Robert Murray of Spinningdale, commissioner for the burgh of Sutherland.
  7. Illegible.
  8. Illegible. Sic. Possibly 'Jamistoun'.
  9. Illegible.
  10. ? Uncertain reading.
  11. ? Uncertain reading.
  12. Illegible Possibly Alex[ander]?
  13. ? No parliamentary commissioner known under this name for the period in question.
  14. ? No parliamentary commissioner known under this name for the period in question.
  15. ? No parliamentary commissioner known under this name for the period in question.
  16. ? No parliamentary commissioner known under this name for the period in question.
  17. Most of name illegible.
  18. ? No parliamentary commissioner known under this name for the period in question.
  19. ? No parliamentary commissioner known under this name for the period in question.
  20. ? No parliamentary commissioner known under this name for the period in question, but some uncertainty as to accuracy of transcription of last word.
  21. ? Uncertain transcription.
  22. The remaining names are written on the rear of the document.
  23. ? Perhaps David Wemyss of Fingask, as both earls of Wemyss of the period signed above.