[Act and gift regarding the election of Lord Loudoun as chancellor approved; supplications read and witnesses cited]

The king being present.

Act for the nomination and election of [John Campbell], lord Loudoun to be chancellor by his majesty, with advice and approbation of the estates of parliament, read, voted and passed in parliament as it is drawn up, according to the warrant granted yesternight.

According to the which act, his majesty subscribed a gift of the said place in face of parliament, which was sent to be written to the great seal after it was read in parliament.

Supplication by [Alexander Stewart], earl of Galloway against the town of Wigtown, complaining of wrongs done to him, and also another supplication at the instance of William MacGuffock against the sheriff and bailie of Wigtown, complaining also of wrongs, being both exhibited to his majesty and estates of parliament, they appoint letters to be directed at either of the supplicants' instance for summoning witnesses upon the said complaints, and also at the instance of the defenders for proving of any answer which they can make to the supplications, without prejudice of either parties' reasons or dispute against the relevancy; and assigns the [...] day of [...] for that effect.

[Supplication regarding the losses of the Earl of Home at Dunglass remitted to each estate; diet for hearing the process between the burgh of Wigtown and the Earl of Galloway; related letters to be delivered to the clerk]

Supplication by [James Home], earl of Home, craving reparation for his losses at Dunglass, read in audience of his majesty and estates of parliament, who appoint a duplicate thereof, together with the commission granted by the committee of estates and report thereof, to be given to every estate and another to [John Maitland], earl of Lauderdale for [Mary Sutton], lady Home.

Regarding the complaints by the town of Wigtown against [Alexander Stewart], earl of Galloway wherein there are defences, replies etc. produced and witnesses examined, the estates of parliament agree to meet upon Tuesday afternoon for hearing of that process and allow procurators to both parties in this cause for pursuit and defence.

[John MacCulloch], laird of Mertoun promised to produce to the clerk some missive letters which he will use against the Earl of Galloway.

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