[Act to be prefixed to the treaty of London read and approved; supplication read and remitted to each estate]

The king being present.

Act containing the words to be subjoined to the exemplification of the treaty under the great seal read and agreed upon.

Concerning the supplication presented by the owners of Captain [David] Robertson's ship, craving letters of mark against the Hamburgers or his majesty's recommendation to them, read in audience of the parliament, which appointed a duplicate of the petition to be given to every estate.

[Report of the committee for the distressed ministers in the north and commission for the plantation of kirks read and remitted to each estate]

Report of the committee appointed for the distressed ministers of the north read, and a copy appointed to be given to the noblemen and burghs in respect the barons grant that they have already seen the said report.

Commission for plantation of kirks read and a duplicate thereof appointed to be given to every estate and a copy thereof to [Sir Thomas Hope of Craighall], his majesty advocate.

[Supplication remitted to the committee for the army; supplication to be taken into further consideration]

Supplication by [James Murray], earl of Annandale, [James Douglas], earl of Queensberry, [James Johnstone], lord Johnstone, [Sir Robert Grierson], laird of Lag and [Sir John Charteris of] Amisfield, craving that [Colonel John] Cochrane's regiment may remain at Dumfries and not to be quartered in the country where they have interest, read in audience of his majesty and parliament, who appoint the committee for the army to meet after noon for settling the desire of the petition.

Supplication by General Major [William] Baillie, craving to be declared righteous heir of Lamington, read and appointed to be shown to [Sir William Baillie of] Lamington and a duplicate to be given to every estate.

[Dispensation to the commissaries of Edinburgh to sit; warrant in favour of those who died at Dunglass]

Dispensation to the commissaries of Edinburgh to sit upon the action pursued by William Dick against George Scott and others until 1 November next.

Warrant for [Thomas Hamilton], earl of Haddington and his servants and all those who died at Dunglass contained in the roll produced, that their testaments be free of payment of any quots or other charges.

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