[Supplication read and approved; letter of recommendation to the estates of Holland remitted to each estate]

The king being present.

Supplication from James [...], craving dispensation to the sheriff of Edinburgh for sitting to serve him heir to his father, read and granted.

Letter of recommendation from his majesty and parliament to the estates of Holland in favour of the widow of Sir James Ramsay read and one copy thereof appointed to be given to every estate.

[Debate regarding the estates' veto in the appointment of officers of state, council and session continued; letters for the disbanding of the English army]

His majesty and estates of parliament continue until tomorrow to advise upon the resolution regarding his majesty's answer to the demand concerning the officers of state, council and session.

Mention being made of the letters from [John Maitland], lord Maitland regarding the disbanding of the English army.

[Committees and the bodies ordered to meet; overtures concerning manufactories remitted to each estate and the lord advocate]

Appoints tomorrow afternoon for meeting regarding the bills and this afternoon each estate to meet by themselves upon the demand, answer and queries given in regarding the election of officers of state, council and session and that until 5 o'clock at night, and then appoints the committee for the army to meet.

Overtures concerning manufactories read, and a copy appointed to be given to each estate to be advised and a copy to [Sir Thomas Hope of Craighall], king's advocate.

[Supplications remitted to the committee for the disorders in the north; supplication and protest read and remitted to the Earl of Roxburghe; letter to be written to Lord Maitland]

Supplication by some ministers of the north, complaining upon the disorders and injuries done by the highlanders, read in audience of the king and parliament, who appoint the ministers to join with such of the parliament as shall be nominated for the committee, to consider upon the readiest way to repair and prevent disorders.

Supplication by [Sir David Lindsay], laird of Edzell, complaining of the great losses sustained by himself and his tenants from the highland men, read and remitted to the committee appointed for the north.

Supplication by the heritors of the barony of Eskirk, desiring that the article regarding the erection of Nether Ancrum in the head burgh of their baronies may not be granted but continued until they be called, read with a protestation and procuratory, which were appointed to be shown to [Robert Ker], earl of Roxburghe.

His majesty and estates of parliament command [John Elphinstone, lord Balmerino], lord president, to write to [John Maitland], lord Maitland to stay until 18 [September] be past.

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