[Committee for the bills ordered to meet; supplication read and party cited; supplication read and approved by the king]

The king being present.

Appoints the committee for the bills to meet this afternoon precisely and to advise upon the nature of the bills produced and to report their opinion relating thereto.

Supplication by [William MacIntosh of Torcastle], laird of MacIntosh and [Lauchlan MacIntosh], his brother, complaining upon [Angus MacDonald], laird of Glengarry, [younger], for the slaughter of two gentlemen, their friends, and hurting some others, read in audience of his majesty and parliament, who appointed a macer to warn young Glengarry to appear before the parliament.

Supplication from the University of St Andrews, craving some supply of maintenance and offering the notice of their present revenues, read in audience of his majesty and parliament. His majesty was graciously pleased to declare that he was content himself to receive these notices.

[Supplication read; party brought in and caution granted; declaration against the imprisonment of Sir William Cockburn of Langton, usher, amended]

Supplication by some indwellers of the south country complaining upon the governor of Carlisle for detaining their goods read in audience of his majesty and estates of parliament.

[Angus MacDonald], laird of Glengarry, younger, compearing personally before the parliament, desired the supplication exhibited against him to see that he may be advised therewith until tomorrow, which the parliament grants, Glengarry acting himself and finding caution to appear before the parliament tomorrow, and not to go out of town in the meantime under the pain of 10,000 merks. Likewise the said Glengarry, younger, personally present, in face of his majesty and parliament, acted, bound and obliged himself judicially to compear before the parliament tomorrow between 10 and 12 o'clock, and in the meantime, not to go out of town under the pain of 10,000 merks modified presently by the parliament, to answer to the desire of the said supplication. And [John MacLeod of Dunvegan], laird of MacLeod, also personally present, did judicially bind and oblige him as cautioner for the said Glengarry to the effect and under the pain above-written. And Glengarry acted himself for his relief, whereupon the supplication was delivered to Glengarry.

Mention being made this day of the king's majesty's declaration and act following thereupon regarding the committing of [Sir William Cockburn of] Langton, the king's majesty and estates of parliament ordain the first part of that declaration making mention of Langton to be omitted out of the record and only the last general part to be recorded, namely: that his majesty, for himself and his successors, declares that hereafter he will not commit any member of the house without their own advice for any misdemeanour in time of parliament.

[Report of the committee for revising the acts and articles read and approved]

The acts perused by the committee appointed for revising the articles and acts of this parliament read in audience of his majesty and parliament, and taken to be advised with.

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