Ratification in favour of Robert Pringle of Stichill

Our sovereign lord and estates of parliament ratify and approve the two charters underwritten made and granted by our sovereign lord, the king's majesty, with consent of his highness's treasurers for the time and other lords and others of his highness's exchequer, his commissioners, the one thereof to Robert Pringle, then in Batinbus, now of Stichill, his heirs and assignees whatsoever heritably, of all and whole the lands and barony of Stichill, with the fortalice, manor place, houses, buildings, mill, mill lands, multures and other pertinents thereof contained therein, to be held of his majesty blench for payment of a pair of gilt spurs in manner contained in the said infeftment, which is of the date 30 June 1628; and the other of the said charters made and granted to John Pringle, eldest son to the said Robert, his male heirs and of tailzie and assignees contained therein heritably, of all and whole the same lands of Stichill, with the tower, fortalice, manor place, houses, buildings and other pertinents thereof foresaid, and of all and whole the kirk lands of Stichill particularly designed in the said charter, together with all and sundry the teind sheaves and other teinds, parsonage and vicarage, fruits, rents, emoluments and duties of all and whole the parish and parish kirk of Stichill and whole lands lying therein, specially and generally mentioned therein, containing also a gift of novodamus, with a union of all in a whole and free barony, to be called the barony of Stichill, to be held of his majesty blench and feu respectively in manner specified in the said charter, of the date 20 March 1637. And also his majesty and estates ratify and approve the letters of disposition granted by his highness's treasurers principal and depute as commissioners and having power of his majesty to the effect underwritten, with consent of certain persons mentioned therein by virtue of a commission granted by his majesty to that effect, to the said Robert Pringle, his heirs and assignees, of the annuity due to be paid to his majesty out of the teinds of his said lands above-written and discharging the same of all years bygone and to come, and declaring him and his foresaids free thereof in manner specified in the said letters of disposition and renunciation, of the date 3 December 1635, registered in the books of exchequer upon the [...] day of [...], in all and sundry the heads, points, clauses, articles, circumstances and conditions contained in the said two charters and letters of disposition and renunciation and after the forms and tenors thereof in all points. And our said sovereign lord and estates of parliament decree and ordain that this present ratification thereof is and shall be as valid and of as great force, strength and effect to the said Robert and John Pringle and their foresaids for possessing of the said lands, barony, kirk lands, teinds, annuity and others foresaid perpetually, as if the said whole rights were all at length specially inserted and engrossed word for word in this present ratification, notwithstanding the same be not so done; concerning which, and with all other defects and imperfections and objections whatsoever which may be proposed or alleged against the said rights or any of them and validities of the same, or this present ratification thereof, our said sovereign lord and estates of parliament have dispensed and by this ratification dispense for ever.

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