Ratification in favour of the town of Burntisland of an act of exchequer

Our sovereign lord, with advice and consent of the estates presently convened in parliament, ratifies and approves the act passed in exchequer regarding the declaration of James Melville of Halhill in favour of the burgh of Burntisland, whereof the tenor follows, namely: At Dalkeith, 16 January 1638. The which day the lords of exchequer sitting in full number regarding the opposition made by the bailies of Burntisland to the passing of the Laird of Halhill's signature, compeared personally James Melville of Halhill and judicially declared that the said signature presently passed in his favour under the name of pertinents is not included nor comprehended the burgh of Burntisland, nor port of the same and privileges pertaining thereto, and also declares that the novodamus contained in the said signature should not be used against the said burgh of Burntisland neither by way of action nor exception in so far as concerns the multures of the said burgh contained in the said gift of novodamus, but according to the former rights of the said multures standing in the person of the said Laird of Halhill and his predecessors before the date of the said gift of novodamus without any further strengthening thereof in prejudice of the said burgh and their privileges, by virtue of the said gift of novodamus, in so far as concerns the said multures, whereupon the said lords ordained this present act to be made. Extracted from the books of the acts of exchequer by me, Sir John Hay of Bara, knight, clerk of the rolls of the register and council of our supreme lord the king, under my sign and subscription manual, subscribed thus: John Hay, clerk register. And our sovereign lord, with advice and consent foresaid, ordains the foresaid act of exchequer to have the force and strength of an act of parliament in all time coming, and also our sovereign lord, with advice foresaid, by this ratification, declares that Sir James Melville, son and apparent heir to the said James Melville of Halhill, his father, the assuming to himself the style of Burntisland, knight, shall in no way be hurtful nor prejudicial to the liberties and privileges granted or to be granted by the king's majesty and his most noble progenitors King James V and King James VI of most blessed memory, or any of the abbots of Dunfermline, or any other person or persons, to and in favour of the said burgh of Burntisland at any time of before and in all time coming.

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