Ratification to the town of Dunbar

Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament have ratified and approved and, by the tenor hereof, ratify and approve the charter and infeftment of confirmation made and granted by his majesty's late dearest father, King James VI of happy and blessed memory, under the great seal of this his highness's kingdom of Scotland, to the provost, bailies, council and community of the burgh of Dunbar, ratifying, approving and confirming to them the charters and infeftments therein expressed, with the precepts and instruments of sasine following thereupon, and other rights, title and securities particularly and generally mentioned therein, and also of new giving, granting, conveying and confirming to the said provost, bailies, council, burgesses, community and incorporation of the said burgh and their successors all and whole his majesty's burgh royal of Dunbar, which was, is and shall be in all time hereafter a free burgh royal and the burgesses and inhabitants thereof to enjoy the liberty of free burgesses as well as any other burgesses of free burghs royal within this kingdom, with the free ports and sea places of Belhaven, Lammerhaven and Lamercraige, and all bulwarks made or to be made thereon, together with all other crags, islands, lands, places and creeks between the foresaid ports of Belhaven and Lammerhaven, and also all other sea places and parts within the bounds, territory and jurisdiction of the said burgh; and also all and whole the lands called Burrowdailles and all other burgh acres, houses and lands belonging to the said burgh, with all mills, mill lands, pasturages, tenants, tenancies, houses, buildings, yards, ways, passages, cuningars, lochs, lades2, stanks and all their pertinents and with common pasturage, pulling heather, leading and transporting thereof, and of fuel, fail and divot upon and within the whole bounds or any part of the common muir called Dunbar Commonty, and all other privileges, liberties, profits and commodities used and wont; and with all and sundry tolls, customs, impositions, anchorages, duties, casualties, liberties, commodities, privileges and others particularly and generally mentioned in the said charter, to be held of our said sovereign lord and his highness's successors in free burgh royal and heritage forever, which charter is of the date 23 October 1618, together with the precept and instrument of sasine following thereupon, and all and sundry other charters, infeftments, evidents, writs, rights, titles and securities whatsoever made and granted to the said provost, bailies, council and community of the said burgh of or concerning the same burgh, liberties and privileges thereof, parts, pendicles and pertinents pertaining and belonging thereto, in the whole heads, articles, clauses, circumstances and conditions thereof. And will, grant and declare that this present general ratification and approbation of the same is and shall be as valid, effectual and sufficient to the said provost, bailies, council and community of the said burgh of Dunbar and their successors as if the said charter, precept and instrument of sasine and other evidents, writs, rights, titles and securities, particularly and generally foresaid, and every one of them, were at length word by word engrossed and set down herein, concerning which his majesty and estates foresaid have dispensed and, by this ratification, dispense for ever.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.275v-276r.
  2. Defined in DSL as a channel constructed for conducting water from the mill-dam to and from a mill or mills; also, the supply of water to a mill by this means; a mill-stream or mill-race.