[Ratification to the town of Perth]2

Our sovereign lord and estates of parliament, considering that forasmuch as it has pleased his sacred majesty to give, grant and convey to the provost, bailies and council of the burgh of Perth and their successors for the use of building of their bridge situated upon the water of Tay, all and whatsoever sums of money resting owed to his majesty of whatsoever taxation granted by his majesty or his late father of eternal memory at any time preceding the month of June 1633, and that as well the ordinary as extraordinary of annualrents with whatsoever sums of money and victual due to his majesty for whatsoever bygone feu mails, feu ferms and other duties of his majesty's property and proper lands and of the kirk lands annexed to the crown and blench duties of erected lordships of whatsoever years and terms preceding 1 January 1641 in manner specified in the signature superscribed by his majesty relating thereto to be passed his majesty's privy seal, dated [...] November instant. And forasmuch as his majesty and estates think the course for re-edifying the said bridge most fit and expedient, therefore his majesty and estates of parliament ratify, approve and confirm the foresaid signature and gift in all and sundry heads, articles and circumstances thereof, and will and grant and, for his majesty and his successors, with consent of the estates of parliament, decree and ordain this present confirmation to be as sufficient and effectual to the said provosts, bailies and council of the said burgh of Perth, present and to come, as if the foresaid signature and gift therein were word by word inserted herein, concerning which, and with all that may follow thereupon, his majesty and estates of parliament dispense for ever, to the effect the foresaid taxation, sums of money, feu and blench duties, victual and others conveyed in the foresaid signature may be uplifted by the said provost, bailies and council of Perth and their commissioners or factors in their names for the use of the building of the foresaid bridge in manner specified in the said signature.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.272v-273r.
  2. Incorrect headings have been attributed to the previous and following pieces of legislation. Whereas in the manuscript the following is entitled 'Commission regarding the re-edifying of the bridge of Perth', APS has substituted this with '[Ratification to the town of Perth]'.