Ratification in favour of [William Keith], earl Marischal

Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament have ratified and approved and, by this legislation, ratify and approve the tack and assedation made and set by our said sovereign lord to his highness's trusty cousin and councillor William, earl Marischal, lord Keith and Altrie, his heirs and assignees and subtenants whatsoever, of all and sundry his majesty's customs due to be paid to his majesty for all merchant goods, gear, tobacco, corns, cloth, salmon and other merchandise or goods whatsoever, whereof custom is due, exported or imported, or that shall happen to be imported or exported to and from this kingdom by sea or land, at the towns, ports and harbours of Aberdeen and Banff and all other parts, ports, harbours and creeks along the coast from the north water of the town of Montrose exclusive, to the water mouth of Spey, and of the custom and impost of all wines that shall be imported at the said ports and harbours of Aberdeen or Banff or within the bounds foresaid or pertaining to merchants of the said two burghs for the space of five years following his entry thereto, which is declared thereby to be at the date following of the said tack, and so forth from five years in five years during the whole space and years of fifteen years, for the yearly payment of 9,000 merks money of this realm in manner contained therein, as the said tack, containing sundry other conditions and provisions concerning the said customs and impost of wines, of the date 11 October 1641, at more length bears, in all and sundry the heads, points, articles, clauses, circumstances and conditions thereof, and will, grant and declare that this present general ratification and approbation of the same is and shall be as valid, effectual and sufficient to the said William, earl Marischal and his foresaids as if the said tack were at length word by word engrossed and set down herein. As also statutes and ordains the said tack to stand and remain to the said earl and his foresaids during the said space of fifteen years as a good, valid and sufficient tack and right for their peaceable possession, collecting and intromitting with the said customs and impost contained therein during the whole time thereof according to the tenor, conditions and provisions thereof, notwithstanding of whatsoever acts of parliament, council, exchequer or other laws of this kingdom made or to be made in the contrary; concerning which, his majesty and estates of parliament foresaid have dispensed and, by this ratification, dispense for ever.

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