Ratification to the burgh of Forres

Our sovereign lord, with advice and consent of the estates of this present parliament, ratifies and approves a charter and infeftment granted by the late King James IV of worthy memory in the year 1496, to and in favour of the said burgh of Forres, burgesses and community thereof, of the lands called Greifeshipe, with the pertinents, Baillie Land, Meikle Boige, with the meadow called King's Meadow, Loureistoun with Cartheis and Ramflat, with the pertinents, with common pasture within the forest of Drumine, and Tulloch, with muirs, mosses etc. and free access and entry to and from the said forest and pasturage by the muir called Pilmuir, together with all liberties and privileges used and wont, and also of the water and fishing of Findhorn, from Dunduff to the bank of Findhorn, as well in the fresh water as salt thereof, with the whole other privileges, liberties and power of the same fishing contained in the same charter; and also making and constituting the aldermen, provost and bailies of the said burgh who should be for the time sheriffs within the same burgh, bounds and liberties thereof, with the power of the office of sheriffship in all things thereto belonging, in the same way as any burgh in such like office has within the kingdom, discharging the sheriff of Elgin and Forres then present or to come, and their deputes, of all exercising of their said office of sheriffship within the said burgh of Forres, bounds and liberties thereof forever, together with the whole other liberties and privileges contained in the said charter and infeftment, as the same of the date 23 June the year of God above-written in the self more fully purports, in the whole heads, articles, clauses, conditions, liberties and privileges mentioned in the said charter and infeftment, and specially, without prejudice of the generality foresaid, the said office of sheriffship within the said burgh of Forres and whole bounds and liberties thereof; together likewise with the precept and sasine following upon the foresaid charter, with all other infeftments, charters, sasines, rights and securities whatsoever made and granted by his majesty or any of his most noble progenitors in favour of the provost, bailies, council or community of the said burgh of Forres, of all and whole the same burgh and whole lands, fishings, pasturage, liberties, privileges and others pertaining and belonging thereto in the whole heads, clauses and conditions of the same, precept, sasine and other writs, rights and titles foresaid, saving and reserving always to our said sovereign lord and his successors the service, feu duties and other duties due and customary to his highness and his predecessors of the said burgh, lands, fishings, office of sheriffship, privileges and liberties thereof and others foresaid before this present ratification. Moreover, our sovereign lord and estates foresaid decree and ordain that the foresaid charter and infeftment, precept and sasine following thereupon and other rights foresaid with this present ratification thereof are and shall be good, valid and sufficient rights to the said provost, council and community of the said burgh of Forres and their successors for possessing and enjoying of the same burgh, whole lands, casualties, fishings, pasturages, office of sheriffship and whole other liberties and privileges belonging to the said burgh in all time coming without stop or impediment. And that this present ratification and generality foresaid shall be as valid and effectual as if the foresaid charter, infeftment and other rights foresaid were inserted at length herein, concerning which, and with all other objections or imperfections that can be alleged against the same charter, infeftment and other rights foresaid, or this present ratification thereof, our said sovereign lord and estates foresaid have dispensed and dispense by this ratification.

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