Act of exoneration and approbation in favour of [Alexander Leslie], earl of Leven, lord general

The which day the king's majesty and estates of parliament, having taken to their consideration the desire of a noble and potent earl, Alexander, earl of Leven, lord Balgonie, making mention of the great charge and trust put upon him by the estates and parliament of this kingdom whereby he was made general of their whole forces and armies by sea or land in their late troubles, which now being brought to a happy conclusion by the blessing of God, he therefore craves that the king's majesty and estates of parliament would receive an account of his actions and deportment in the said employment and disburden him of the same. And his majesty and estates of parliament, finding the said desire most reasonable, and having examined the said noble earl, his whole actions and carriage in the exercising of the said place and trust, and having compared the same with his commission, do find and declare that the said noble earl, Alexander, earl of Leven, designed in his commission Sir Alexander Leslie of Balgonie, has worthily acquitted himself of that great place and trust put upon him to be general of their armies, and has so nobly behaved himself in all the parts of his charge as he justly deserves their true testimony of his approved fidelity, worth and ability; and therefore his majesty and estates of parliament do not only liberate and exonerate him of all questions or challenge which can be made to him for his carriage in the said place in times bygone, but also, for the full demonstration of their due acknowledgment of his worthy carriage, do give him this well deserved testimony and approbation, to be recorded for posterity: that he has deserved nobly of the kingdom and in all his actions has expressed piety, valour, wisdom and good government.

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