Reference in favour of James Sinclair of Scalloway and John Edmonston, minister

The which day the king's majesty and estates of parliament have remitted and remit the supplication given in to the parliament by James Sinclair of Scalloway and John Edmonston, minister at Yell, against Master James Mowat [of Ollaberry] and Ninian Niven [of Windhouse] and certain others, complaining upon the insolencies and wrongs committed by them in Shetland and craving redress thereof, as the supplication more fully purports, to the lords and others of his highness's secret council in the state in which it now is before the parliament. Wherein Master James Baird, advocate for the supplicants, protested for the expense of the witnesses and parties in respect of their long attendance here in town, and Master Roger Mowat and Adam Hepburn, procurators for the parties complained upon, protested in the contrary, and that their defences may be reserved and they heard before any witness be received.

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