Act discharging the mixing of tin with lead

Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament, considering the great hurt sustained by his majesty's lieges by the fraudulent dealing of pewterers in mixing the finer sort of tin brought from England, France, Flanders and other parts beyond sea with baser and courser metal of tin and lead, and their exacting greater prices between the new cast by them and the old which they receive from the lieges; for remedy whereof, it is statute and ordained that the pewterer or founder of tin shall put the mark of the thistle and his own name upon every piece of work that he happens to cast, and that the same shall be of the finest of the pewter marked with the rose in England; and in case the same be under the fineness of the said pewter of England, that the same shall be confiscated and be punished in his person at the discretion of the magistrates of the burgh where he dwells, and to that effect that there be a visitor appointed by the magistrates for trying of the same, as likewise that he shall take between the old pound of old tin and pewter marked with the rose foresaid which he receives from the lieges and the pound of new cast by him, 18d only under the pain foresaid.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.195v-196r.