Act regarding discharging the registration of comprisings and appointing the recording and allowing of comprisings and prices thereof

Our sovereign lord and estates of parliament, having taken to their consideration that the registration of comprisings has put the lieges to great, needless and unnecessary charges and expense, and that the same does neither add to the validity of the comprisings nor to the benefit of the comprisers, and therefore have discharged, and by the tenor hereof discharge, all registration of comprisings, together with all gifts, acts of council and other warrants, practices or custom whatsoever granted or observed relating thereto, and declare that the same gifts, acts of council and other warrants, practices or custom to be null and of no value, force nor effect in all time coming. And also our sovereign lord and estates of parliament, considering that a short record of all comprisings of lands and annualrents, heritable bonds, contracts, reversions and others, and legals thereof, namely: of the comprisers' names and designations, the defenders' names, the debt for which the comprising is used, the lands and others comprised, the macers' and clerks' names, the times of the denunciations and executions and witnesses thereto, and date of the comprisings and of the superiors of the lands comprised, is very necessary for the lieges, their information, therefore statute and ordain that all comprisers shall be obliged to bring their comprisings to the clerk of the bills within 60 days after the date of the comprisings, to the effect that the same may be allowed by the lords of council and session; at the which time, ordain the said clerk to the bills to make a record of the said comprisings in a book wherein all comprisings shall be recorded in manner above-written, for the which allowance and recording of the said comprising in manner above-written the clerk shall have 40s for the whole record of each comprising and allowance, and also, for the extract of each record of the said comprisings that shall be extracted under the said clerk's hands, our sovereign lord and estates ordain the sum of 20s for every extract to be paid to the said clerk of the bills as due price competent to him, therefore which sum the said clerk shall not transcend under the pains contained in the acts of parliament.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.193r-193v.