Act regarding the king's majesty's rents uplifted by warrant of the committee of estates for the public use

Our sovereign lord and estates of parliament, considering that during the time of the late troubles of this kingdom there were some of his majesty's rents, customs and impost uplifted and intromitted with for serving of the present necessities of the public affairs of this kingdom by warrant of the late committee of estates and by other public orders, and that there were sundry bygone pensions and fees, due to diverse of his majesty's pensioners and servants, satisfied and paid to them, according to their rights and pensions by order of the late committee of estates residing at Edinburgh, and his majesty, being graciously pleased to approve and allow of the foresaid intromissions had and payment made in manner and for the causes above-written, therefore our said sovereign lord, with advice and consent of the said estates of parliament, ratifies, approves and dispenses with all such intromission with his majesty's rents, customs and impost as have been uplifted, paid and intromitted with preceding 29 June last for the uses and causes foresaid, together with the payment made of the same by public order as said is, and declares that the same payment made and intromission had by warrant from the said committee of estates or by other public orders preceding the said 29 June last are, and shall be, sufficient exoneration to the payers of the said rents, customs and impost and to the receivers of the same by virtue of the said public orders and to all others concerned therein. Likewise the discharges upon the payment thereof, by public order foresaid, shall be allowed to the payers of the same in the accounts of their intromission with his majesty's rents, customs and impost foresaid, to be made in his majesty's exchequer, concerning which this act shall be a sufficient warrant to all that are concerned therein and to the lords and commissioners of his majesty's exchequer to allow and defray the same in the said accounts to be made in exchequer by the chamberlains, intromitters with and receivers of his majesty's rents, customs and impost foresaid, and ordains account to be made of the said intromission in exchequer.

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