Legislation: private act
Act in favour of John Grant of Moyness contrary to [MacDonald], laird of Glengarry

The which day the supplication given in by John Grant of Moyness, as commissioner for the sheriffdom of Nairn, craving that the Laird of Glengarry may find responsible caution under great sums that [Hugh Rose], laird of Kilravock and his friends and the rest of the lieges of the sheriffdom of Nairn may be harmless and unscathed of the Laird of Glengarry, his kinsmen, tenants and servants, being read in audience of the king's majesty and estates of parliament, his majesty and estates foresaid ordain the Laird of Glengarry to compear before the secret council the first ensuing council day to answer to the foresaid supplication, and in the meantime ordain the caution already found by him to stand until that day.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.192r.