Act regarding the breadth of plaiding

Whereas our sovereign lord and estates presently assembled, understanding that the plaiding of this kingdom is one of the most ancient and prime commodities thereof, which of late, through the inconstancy of the breadth, is likely to come of no estimation abroad, therefore our sovereign lord, with advice of the said estates, ordains the makers thereof to make the same of no less breadth than of three quarters of an ell under pain of confiscation of all that shall be found of a lesser breadth. And further, understanding that the lords of his majesty's council had, for eschewing the deceit in making thereof, ordained the same to be presented in folds and not in rolls to the market as it was used of before, therefore his majesty, with consent and advice foresaid, ratifies and approves the said act of council dated at Edinburgh, 24 March 1635, in all the heads, clauses and circumstances thereof and ordains the same to take full execution and to stand as a law in all time coming.

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