Commission for regulating of commissariats

Our sovereign lord, with advice and consent of the estates of parliament, has given and granted, and by tenor hereof gives and grants, full power and commission to those persons who shall be nominated by the lords of secret council, to whom his majesty and estates of parliament remit and refer the nomination of the commissioners to the effect after-specified, or any five of the said commissioners to be nominated by the said lords of secret council as said is, for ordering the commissaries' jurisdiction and clearing the bounds and limits thereof, that there be no occasion of question between them and other inferior judges. With power to the said commissioners to regulate their judicatories and set down prices upon the seals, testaments, summons, acts, decreets and all other writes concerning that office, to be taken by commissaries, their clerk or procurator fiscal, all quots of testaments being specially discharged to be exacted in any time coming, and to settle and establish the fees of the commissaries of Edinburgh; and for that effect to meet and convene at Edinburgh the [...] day of [...], with power to them to appoint diets as often as they shall think fit until the said commission take effect regarding the particulars foresaid. And whatsoever the said commissioners or their quorum shall determine and conclude relating thereto, our sovereign lord, with advice foresaid, ratifies and approves and ordains the same to have the strength, force and authority of an act of parliament.

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