Act regarding the passing from those who are cited to the parliament as enemies

The estates of parliament, considering that whereas there are diverse and sundry persons indicted and accused before this parliament as guilty of certain crimes committed by them against the state and to the prejudice of the peace of this kingdom, nevertheless the said estates of parliament, considering that by God's mercy and providence and by his majesty's great wisdom all our tempests are turned into the calm of a happy peace, and that trial is taken regarding the pursuits and process for which the said persons are cited to the parliament, do hereby, out of a respect to his majesty, to whom they know the same will be acceptable, declare that they have acquitted and discharged, and hereby acquit and discharge, all other persons cited and called to appear before them to answer for whatsoever crime or misdemeanour committed during the late troubles. And declare the act of pacification and oblivion and benefit thereof to be extended to them as if they had not been cited before this present parliament and without prejudice always of the restitution to private parties, according to the said act of pacification contained in the treaty, and of all lawful sentences recovered against any of the said persons before the committee of estates. And declare that this act does not extend to the incendiaries or plotters but only to such others who are cited to the parliament as enemies.

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