Act for sitting down of the session, 4 January next

Forasmuch as his majesty, with the advice and approbation of the estates of parliament, has now nominated and elected the fifteen ordinary and four extraordinary lords of the session and senate of the college of justice, for administration of justice to all his majesty's lieges of this his majesty's ancient and native kingdom according to the foundation and erection of that sovereign judicatory, therefore his majesty and estates of parliament command and ordain the said lords, ordinary and extraordinary, of the said session and senate of the college of justice now nominated and elected as said is, with the whole officers and members of that judicatory, to convene and sit down in session at Edinburgh on 4 January next for administration of justice to all the lieges at the times and according to accustomed order of that judicatory. And for the better notification hereof to the said lords and members of the college of justice and all others of his highness's lieges whom it concerns, ordain public proclamation to be made hereof by the lyon or his brethren, the heralds, at the market cross of Edinburgh by sound of trumpets; concerning which, this act, subscribed by [John Elphinstone, lord Balmerino], president of the parliament, at command of the king and parliament, shall be a sufficient warrant.

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