Remit in favour of [James Home], earl of Home to the committee for the common burdens

The which day, regarding the supplication given to the parliament by James, earl of Home, making mention of the great loss sustained by him by the lamentable accident that fell out at his house at Dunglass, and that the committee of estates thereupon gave warrant to certain persons to appraise his loss, who accordingly having taken trial of the particulars of the said earl's loss in so far as concerned his house of Dunglass, yards, dykes and planting thereof, they concluded that the reparation thereof would amount to the sum of £40,133 according to the report of the said commissioners, and therefore desiring the king and parliament to take the said report to consideration and to appoint course for reparation or payment of the said loss after consideration of the whole particulars mentioned in the report and of the condition of the house before the ruining thereof, which appraising cannot but be found far within the worth valued, seeing it was esteemed by some workmen who were builders of the house that the reparation thereof would amount to the sum of 130,000 merks. Which supplication being read in audience of the king's majesty and estates of parliament, his majesty and estates foresaid remit and refer the foresaid supplication given in and produced by the said James, earl of Home and desire thereof foresaid, with the commission and warrants granted by the committee of estates and reports produced, used and made upon the earl's supplication given in to the said committee of estates, to the committee appointed by the king and parliament for settling of the common burdens of this kingdom. Likewise his majesty and estates of parliament recommend the foresaid business above-mentioned to the consideration of the said committee for the common burdens as a matter deserving to be taken by them to consideration.

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