Prayer said and rolls called.

The king being present.

Legislation: private act
Act in favour of Lieutenant General [James] King

The which day, in presence of the king's majesty and estates of parliament, compeared personally Sir James King, lieutenant general, and produced a supplication making mention that for obedience of a citation he had now appeared before the parliament and was ready to answer anything wherewith he could be charged and, therefore, desired to be heard to clear himself of all challenges made to him and remove all prejudices conceived by the parliament upon misinformation against him in his absence out of this kingdom. Which desire the king's majesty and estates of parliament, having taken the same to their consideration, they find the same reasonable, and therefore, having heard the said lieutenant general make his own expressions and apologies in their audience and being fully satisfied therewith, they ordain his name to be deleted out of the summons and find that there was no warrantable ground for citation or challenge against him, but that he is and still has been a loyal subject to the king and good patriot to his country, whom they will hold in that degree, their favour and good opinion which his worth and actions in foreign nations has justly deserved.

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