Prayer said and rolls called.

The king being present.

Procedure: concerning the commotions in Ireland
Regarding the commotions in Ireland

The which day the estates of parliament, taking deeply to their consideration the representation made by his majesty to the parliament of his intelligence of the commotions in Ireland, which he had taken so far to consideration as to give speedy advertisement to his parliament of England and sent some persons to Ireland to bring certain knowledge to his majesty, and because the kingdom of Ireland depends merely upon the crown of England so that this kingdom could not undertake anything in the first place, yet he desired the estates of this kingdom to take such serious course for preparing and having in readiness some forces and supplies to be sent thither when they were required as might testify their hearty disposition to his majesty's service and their affection to their brethren, being taken deeply by the estates to their consideration, they have appointed and appoint the committee formerly nominated for the Irish business to meet upon the same and think upon the most honourable and expedient course to be taken by this kingdom relating thereto, and to report again to the parliament, and recommend to [John Campbell, lord Loudoun], lord chancellor, to speak with [Alexander Leslie, earl of Leven], lord general, regarding the time and place of meeting.

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