Legislation: private act
Ordinance of parliament in favour of [Alexander] Ramsay of Balnabreich

The which day the supplication given in to the parliament by Alexander Ramsay, son lawful to John Ramsay and brother to the late James Ramsay, son natural to the said late John, desiring a warrant to [Sir James Carmichael], treasurer depute, and lords of exchequer to pass to the supplicant freely the gift of bastardy of the said late James Ramsay, which is already granted by his majesty to the supplicant under his highness's hand seeing the said late James was killed in the public service in the conflict at Newburn, being a trooper of the company of Captain Graham, being read and considered, his majesty and estates of parliament grant the desire thereof foresaid and ordain the said gift to be passed and delivered to the supplicant freely without any composition in respect it is well-known that the said late James Ramsay was killed at Newburn.

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