Prayer said and rolls called.

The king being present.

Warrant in favour of [John Turnbull], laird of Minto regarding his ward and marriage

Regarding the supplication given in to the king's majesty and the parliament by Master William Turnbull, minister at Makerstoun, making mention that the late John Turnbull of Minto, his brother, contracted sickness in the public service in the army at Newcastle where he remained a long space and thereafter deceased, whereby the ward and marriage of John Turnbull, his eldest son, falls in his majesty's hands, and therefore desiring his majesty and estates to give order to pass the signature already signed by the king in the supplicant's name of the foresaid ward and marriage to the behove of the said John Turnbull freely. Which supplication being read and considered by his majesty and parliament, his majesty, with advice of the parliament, appoints [Sir James Carmichael], depute treasurer, and lords of exchequer to pass the gift above-written freely; and appoints the clerk to give the duplicate of this deliverance under his hand for their warrant.

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