Prayer said and rolls called.

The king being present.

Act containing the form and words to be subjoined to the exemplification of the treaty under the great seal

'Charles, by the grace of God, king of Scotland, England, France and Ireland and defender of the faith, to all and singular to whose notice this our letter shall come, greeting. Know us to have understood a certain act of parliament at Edinburgh on 26 August last, concerning the articles of the treaty of peace, established both between us and our Scottish subjects, and between the kingdoms of Scotland and England'. Hereafter to insert the act of parliament containing the act of pacification word for word, and thereafter to subjoin the words following: 'in testimony of which matter we have commanded our great seal to be appended to the present letters. At Edinburgh on 26 August 1641, and seventeenth year of our reign'. Likewise his majesty and estates foresaid command the clerk of parliament to insert and register the same in the books of parliament and to give the extract of the act under his hand to [Sir John Scott of Scotstarvit], director of the chancellery, whom they command to write the same to the great seal and the keeper of the great seal to append the great seal thereto. And declare that the same being so sealed and returned to the parliament of England is and shall be to them a full and perfect security by this their act given at Edinburgh, 26 August 1641. 'Extracted from the book of acts by me, as it is subscribed, Alexander Gibson, in faith and testimony of all of which we have commanded our great seal to be appended. At Edinburgh on 26 August 1641'. And ordains the clerk of the parliament in the inserting of the treaty in the act of parliament to omit the subscriptions subjoined to the treaty.

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