Ordinance in favour of the town of Wigtown

The which day the supplication and complaint given in by the town of Wigtown against [Alexander Stewart], earl of Galloway, being read in audience of his majesty and the parliament, together with the said earl's answers thereto and replies made by the town to these answers, the estates of parliament ordain letters to be directed at the instance of either party to summon witness to compear before the parliament to be examined upon what shall be admitted to either parties' probation, either of the petition or reply for the pursuer, or defence for the defender, and that upon their own peril without prejudice to both parties of their reasons why no witness can be examined upon these points or why they are not relevant, and also without prejudice of the objections against the witness, and assigns 23 September henceforth to the effect above-written.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.116r.