Procedure: ordinance regarding Lord Napier and the Lairds of Keir and Blackhall
Ordinance of parliament regarding the calling and continuing of the summons against [Archibald Napier], lord Napier and lairds [Sir George Stirling] of Keir and [Sir Archibald Stewart of] Blackhall

The which day [John Elphinstone, lord Balmerino], president of parliament, declared that the procurators of estate show that this was the day of compearance to which the Lord Napier and lairds of Keir and Blackhall were cited and that they behoved to compear personally. Whereupon the estates gave warrant to bring them from the castle and ordained that same order and place to be kept in their appearance as was when [James Graham], earl of Montrose did appear. As also ordained their summons to be continued to 8 September next, with continuation of days. Likewise [Sir Thomas Hope of Craighall], his majesty's advocate, Sir Thomas Nicolson and procurators for the estate asked instruments upon the production of the three separate summons, precepts and warrants granted by the estates of parliament to them for raising of the said summons, precepts and execution of the same.

Thereafter compeared the Lord Napier, lairds of Keir and Blackhall personally in the place appointed, who, after calling of them publicly, acknowledged that this was the day of their compearance. And thereupon [John Elphinstone, lord Balmerino], president of the parliament, intimated to them that the parliament had continued their summons to 8 September next, with continuation of days, whereupon the procurators of estate asked instruments. Sir Thomas Nicolson craved his name should be deleted off the warrant in respect he was one of the committee who were judges and so he cannot now be advocate to this. The procurators of estate answered that they opposed the act of parliament standing to which the parliament adhered.

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