Rolls called and prayer said.

The king being present.

Procedure: declaration concerning the Elector Palatine
Declaration by the estates concerning [Charles Louis], Elector Palatine

The king's majesty having seriously recommended this his manifest to the consideration of the estates of parliament of this his majesty's ancient and native kingdom, they, after mature deliberation, do unanimously approve the same and his majesty's pious and just resolutions therein expressed, and with most hearty affections, answerable to the nearness of their interest in that princely family of the Elector Palatine, declare that in case his majesty does not prevail, by this present treaty they will join and concur, by the advice and assistance in a parliamentary way, in the prosecution of his majesty's designs for his honour and the advantage of his royal sister and nephews who are descended of that royal stem which by the succession of 108 kings has swayed the sceptre over this kingdom. And the king's majesty and estates foresaid ordain the said manifest to be printed and this act to be subjoined thereto.

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