Rolls called and prayer said.

The king being present.

Procedure: instruments taken
Instruments taken by [John Campbell], lord Loudoun upon the production of the treaty and others after-specified

The which day [John Campbell], lord Loudoun exhibited in presence of his majesty and parliament the treaty subscribed by the commissioners of England, whereof the parliament declares that they will have a special care that a competent number of their commissioners may subscribe the same. And also produced the said treaty under the broad seal of England, whereof appoints a duplicate to be given to every estate that the same may be registered in the records of parliament and they may think upon the manner of extracting thereof. And also produced an act of the parliament of England for security of payment of the £220,000 of brotherly assistance, which was read in audience of the parliament. And also produced the copy of the said treaty which was delivered to him when he was last sent into England by the parliament of Scotland, and is marked with the hand of the clerk of parliament. And also produced a paper bearing that the commissioners were not satisfied with the king's answer regarding the placing of judges and officers of state, to which is subjoined an answer subscribed by [John Digby], earl of Bristol, bearing that he intimated the same to his majesty, which is dated 12 August 1641. And upon the whole premises the Lord Loudoun asked instruments.

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