Act regarding sitting of inferior judicatories

Forasmuch as our sovereign lord and estates of parliament taking to their consideration that during the time of the sitting of the supreme and high court of parliament of this kingdom all other judicatories thereof are suppressed, and herewith also being mindful that the lieges be not prejudiced of the administration of justice in their just and lawful pursuits and actions, therefore, our said sovereign lord and estates of parliament foresaid have dispensed and dispense with the sitting of sheriff courts, commissary courts, barony courts, bailie courts and burgh courts to the last day of August inclusive 1641, and ordain the said judges of the foresaid judicatories to proceed in the administration of justice to all the lieges in their separate judicatories foresaid during the time above-mentioned, providing they proceed not against any members of parliament or any of those at the army or any others employed in the affairs of the public, against whom our sovereign lord and estates foresaid declare it shall not be lawful to proceed in any of the said judicatories during the time foresaid, and that all sentences to be given against them in that time shall be null. And ordain public proclamation to be made hereof at the market cross of Edinburgh to the effect before rehearsed.

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