[Supplication of Ludovic Chisholm of Cromlix for the passing of his gift through the exchequer]

Supplication of the Laird of Cromlix2

My lords and others of the estates of parliament, to your lords humbly means and shows I, your lordships' servant, Ludovic Chisholm, apparent heir of Cromlix, only lawful son and apparent heir of the late James Chisholm of Cromlix, my father, that where by an act of this currant parliament it is statute and ordained that whosoever should happen to decease in the public service and during the time thereof, their eldest son should have their ward and marriage granted and conferred to them or any of their friends whom they should nominate to their benefit, and that freely without any composition. And true it is that the said late James Chisholm, my father, being employed in the public service, was made captain of a foot company in my Lord Drummond's regiment and continued captain therein until his decease, likewise my said late father being in the said service at Newcastle contracted sickness and died at Kelso, and therefore I should have the benefit of the said act conferred on me to have my ward and marriage granted to my benefit, freely, without any composition. And because Sir Ludovic Houston of that Ilk, my grandfather, is one of my nearest friends and is tutor testamentar nominated to me by my said late father for ruling of my estate and affairs during my pupillarity, and so is one most confident in whose name my said gift of ward and marriage may be granted to my benefit, therefore I beseech your lordships to have consideration of the premises and to recommend the passing of a gift of my ward and marriage to [Sir James Carmichael], his majesty's treasurer depute, to be passed in exchequer to my benefit, freely, without any composition, according to the tenor of the foresaid act of parliament. And your lordships' answer.

5 August 1641

Produced by the Laird of Houston.

5 August 1641

The estates of parliament, in respect of their certain knowledge of the verity of the written within supplication, find the desire thereof reasonable, and ordain the gift to be passed freely, according to the act of parliament, and ordain the clerk to give out the duplicate hereof under his hand if need be.

[Robert Balfour, lord Balfour of] Burleigh, in presence of the lords of parliament

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  2. This clause is written on the rear of the document.