Ordinance of parliament regarding the calling and compearance of [James Graham], earl of Montrose and continuation of his summons

The which day the estates of parliament, after voicing, ordain the Earl of Montrose to be brought down himself in person and to stand at the bar and in the place appointed for those who are cited to the parliament, likewise accordingly Master Roger Mowat, Alexander Pearson and Thomas Nicolson compearing for the pursuers, the Earl of Montrose personally present at the bar, the said estates of parliament continue this matter to 24 August instant, with continuation of days. Upon the which calling, continuation and defender's compearance Master Thomas Nicolson for the public asked instruments.

Thereafter the Earl of Montrose offered himself ready to answer and desired no continuation, and desired the extract of the depositions and papers whereupon his summons is founded and thereupon asked instruments.

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