Warrant: to the Lord Yester
Warrant to [John Hay], lord Yester and others underwritten for examining of the rolls and accounts in the castle

The estates of parliament, finding it necessary that the registers in the castle of Edinburgh be searched for examining, looking out and exhibiting before the committee for the incendiaries of all exchequer rolls and accounts since the year of God 1630 for clearing of certain points contained in the summons against the incendiaries, do by this warrant command the Lord Yester, Sir Thomas Hope of Kerse, Patrick Leslie, commissioner for Aberdeen, with Master James Durham of Pitkerro and Master Archibald Johnston of Wariston, to go to the castle and there to examine the registers and to seek out the said rolls and accounts of exchequer, and to exhibit the same before the committee appointed for the incendiaries, and for that effect command Master William Hay, one of the clerks of the parliament, to go with them and to open the registers to them to the effect above-written, and to be present with them as clerk to the parliament and as present possessor of the keys of the said registers, commanding likewise the constable of the castle of Edinburgh upon the sight hereof to give way to the persons above-written to the opening of the door of the said registers, concerning which and regarding the whole premises [this] shall be a sufficient warrant.

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